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+18882459181/(888)245-9181 phone number
Owner's Name:The Richardson Group Of Ms, Ll
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Address:2834 Allyson Gene Cove
City, State, ZIP:Byhalia MS 38611
Country:United States
Added Date:08/20/2017
Added By:Anonymous
Record Id:223944840

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Mary McDaniel @ May 15, 2019 1:48:10 pmCall -- CONTINUED...…….She said too bad, Chase paid they have the recording of me giving info. How did they activate the card? I also have her message that she'd call me on 05/14/19 to proceed with the balance transfers etc. How was all this done without me? I never activated BofA or Citibank cards.Contact Method: Phone CallSpam Report: NoRobocall: NoCalled About: Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, strudent loans)
Mary McDaniel @ May 15, 2019 1:45:06 pmCalls multiple-I kept hanging up I was asked to LISTEN. Caller claimed to be from Experian & they were offering a 0% credit card--0% permanently. Combine my 2 Visas into one card, minimum monthly payment would be $150.00 - AND 0% PERMANENTLY. If I did not take the "deal" my credit score would be lowered. Darla Taylor left message-she would call me 5/14/19 at 10:00 my time & to have new cards & statements ready to do balance transfers to new card. On 5/4/19 I got a BofA card for $10,000 & Citibank for $7,400. The 0% interest is for 18 months only! I sent letter to BofA, Citi, Experian & Equifax, explained the interest at 0% permanently lie & I DID NOT WANT THE CARDS. I DID NOT ACTIVATE EITHER CARD. Returned Darla Taylor's call-that was the first time I heard of Second Choice Horizon. CONTINUED...Contact Method: Phone CallSpam Report: NoRobocall: NoCalled About: Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, strudent loans)

Phone Number Variations

  • +1-8882459181
  • +18882459181
  • (888)245-9181
  • 888-245-9181
  • 8882459181
  • +1-888-245-9181
  • 1/888 245 9181
  • (+1) (888) 245-9181
  • +(1888)2459181
  • +1888/2459181
  • +1888-2459181
  • 888.245.9181
  • 888/245.9181

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Queried by IP 54.XX.148.XXX2019/05/21 8:33:15 pm
Queried by IP 66.XXX.64.XXX2019/05/21 2:06:11 am
Queried by IP 66.XXX.64.XXX2019/05/20 4:04:25 am
Queried by IP 66.XXX.66.XX2019/05/17 7:46:57 pm
Queried by IP 66.XXX.66.XX2019/05/17 9:14:30 am
Queried by IP 66.XXX.66.XX2019/05/16 11:45:50 pm
Queried by IP 94.XXX.18.XXX2019/05/15 8:02:30 pm
Queried by IP 47.XXX.198.X2019/05/15 1:48:10 pm
Queried by IP 47.XXX.198.X2019/05/15 1:47:36 pm
Queried by IP 47.XXX.198.X2019/05/15 1:45:06 pm
Queried by IP 47.XXX.198.X2019/05/15 1:21:54 pm
Queried by IP 66.XXX.66.XX2019/05/15 5:26:31 am
Queried by IP 47.XXX.198.X2019/05/14 11:30:17 pm
Queried by IP 47.XXX.198.X2019/05/14 11:29:37 pm
Queried by IP 66.XXX.66.XX2019/05/14 8:15:05 pm

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