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+18164204632/(816)420-4632 phone number

+1-8164204632 phone number information in Kansas City, MO

  • City Name: Kansas City 
  • County: CLAY 
  • State: MO 
  • Zip: 64155 
  • County Population: 202078 
  • Coverage Area: Kansas city 
  • Latitude: 39.25 
  • Longitude: -94.58 
  • Time Zone:
  • MSA CBSA: Kansas City, MO-KS 
  • NPA: 816 
  • NXX: 420 
  • NXX Use Type:
  • Rate Center: KANSASCITY 
Owner's Name:Gloria Cannon Wess
Background Report:VIEW FULL REPORT
Address:21820 Ridgedale
City, State, ZIP:Oak Park MI 48237
Country:United States
Added Date:02/02/2020
Added By:Anonymous
Record Id:308551282

Comments on +1-8164204632 / (816)420-4632

Riata Moreno @ Feb 2, 2020 11:02:57 pmThis is from an Organized Stalking Network also known as “gang stalking.” A group of cowards who’s handlers live at 21820 Ridgedale in Oak Park, Michigan 48237. They have committed shameless crimes against good people. The two handlers are Gloria Jean Cannon Wess and her son John Cannon. They hack phones and bank accounts. They spoof numbers, stalk and surveillance people.Two individuals who envy and are jealous of others and try desperately to bring others down due to Narcissistic Personality Disorder.The two cowards hide behind their cowardly organized stalking group who drive up and down the street all day in front of people’s houses watch and follow them all day because they have no lives and envy people that do. These people are being paid by a few crooked law enforcement, military personnel and those who work for the government. I would like to add that the shameless behavior of a chosen few does not represent the brave men and women in blue and those who serve our country.Contact Method: Phone CallSpam Report: YesRobocall: NoCalled About: Calls pretending to be government, businesses, or family and friends

Phone Number Variations

  • +1-8164204632
  • +18164204632
  • (816)420-4632
  • 816-420-4632
  • 8164204632
  • +1-816-420-4632
  • 1/816 420 4632
  • (+1) (816) 420-4632
  • +(1816)4204632
  • +1816/4204632
  • +1816-4204632
  • 816.420.4632
  • 816/420.4632

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Queried by IP 172.XX.7.XX2020/03/28 2:07:19 pm
Queried by IP 172.XX.0.XXX2020/03/27 9:29:29 am
Queried by IP 172.XX.0.XXX2020/03/20 9:08:15 pm
Queried by IP 172.XX.7.XX2020/03/19 3:23:05 am
Queried by IP 172.XX.0.XXX2020/03/16 4:55:29 am
Queried by IP 172.XX.7.XX2020/03/12 10:44:09 am
Queried by IP 172.XX.0.XXX2020/03/11 10:54:01 pm
Queried by IP 172.XX.0.XXX2020/03/11 12:25:29 pm
Queried by IP 172.XX.0.XXX2020/03/07 4:18:59 pm
Queried by IP 172.XX.0.XXX2020/03/04 4:46:48 pm
Queried by IP 172.XX.7.XX2020/03/04 4:44:22 pm
Queried by IP 172.XX.0.XXX2020/03/01 1:56:07 am
Queried by IP 172.XX.7.XX2020/02/27 3:07:30 am
Queried by IP 172.XX.7.XX2020/02/25 1:35:25 pm
Queried by IP 172.XX.7.XX2020/02/25 7:13:04 am

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