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+15022158063/(502)215-8063 phone number

+1-5022158063 phone number information in Shepherdsville, KY

  • Owner Name: MORE INFO
  • City Name: Shepherdsville 
  • County: BULLITT 
  • State: KY 
  • Zip: 40165 
  • County Population: 68474 
  • Coverage Area: Shepherdsville 
  • Latitude: 37.99 
  • Longitude: -85.70999999999999 
  • Time Zone:
  • MSA CBSA: Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN 
  • NPA: 502 
  • NXX: 215 
  • NXX Use Type:
  • Rate Center: SHEPHEDSVL 

Comments on +1-5022158063 / (502)215-8063

Anonymous @ Jan 24, 2021 11:17:58 pmThis guy is a scammer who spent 6 months calling me, and talking a few times a week. He’s sent me voice messages. We videos a couple times. He sent me at least 50 pictures of him, his daughter and I’ve even got one of him and his mom (realizing these could be stolen pictures). He also told me he loved me and would come and visit after his contract was over. At about 6 months he said he had a piece of equipment that broke down and asked for money even though he supposedly had a job making 4 times my income. When I told him I don’t give money to people I don’t know and have never met in person and haven’t known for many years, he became disrespectful, angry and belligerent and tried to make me feel guilty. He even cried. I mean this guy was a good actor. He stopped contact and I reported him to his local police. I’ve no clue what happened after that. I’m Canadian so not sure if they’d involve Interpol police or what Contact Method: Phone CallSpam Report: NoRobocall: NoCalled About: Unknown

Phone Number Variations

  • +1-5022158063
  • +15022158063
  • (502)215-8063
  • 502-215-8063
  • 5022158063
  • +1-502-215-8063
  • 1/502 215 8063
  • (+1) (502) 215-8063
  • +(1502)2158063
  • +1502/2158063
  • +1502-2158063
  • 502.215.8063
  • 502/215.8063

List of IPs and Dates

Queried by IP 128.XXX.117.XX2021/05/26 1:11:37 am
Queried by IP 17.XXX.112.XX2021/05/23 5:56:00 am
Queried by IP 17.XXX.115.XX2021/05/22 3:55:25 am
Queried by IP 52.XX.50.XX2021/04/02 12:03:06 pm
Queried by IP 52.XX.13.XX2021/03/20 1:58:47 pm

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