Data Removal Requests

Removing Your Information From Its Original Source

Please be aware that telephone records and related information may be obtained from various public records sources. If you want to correct or remove your original public record, or make any information from your original public record unavailable for public access, you will need to contact the custodian of that information (e.g., your telephone service provider).

Removing Your Information From Our Search Results

As a courtesy, we allow you to opt-out of having your information included in the search results on this website. We will withhold/remove identifying information such as your name, address, and phone number upon your written request submitted to our Data Management Department.

To submit your request:

  1. When viewing the search result in question, take note of the Record ID associated with the result. You will need this Record ID to complete the removal request.
  2. On the search results page, select the "Report a Problem" link below the relevant record.
  3. Complete and submit the contact form, including the Record ID and the reason for your removal request.

Please allow upwards of 30 days for us to fully process your Data Removal Request.

Please note: We do not process Data Removal Requests by email, fax, or over the phone.

What Happens Next

Although most information is usually removed or blocked permanently, we do not guarantee the information will not be available again in the future, as we are not in direct control of the information distributed and obtained from official public records or third party sources. It is for this reason that we recommend you contact the custodian of the original record to request it be removed or corrected.

In addition, we have no control over any information displayed by other online public records vendors, and your Data Removal Request will not remove information from third party websites or search engines.

Finally, be aware that even after we have removed a record in response to your request, that record may continue to appear in search engine search results until the search engines (Google, Bing) re-index our site. We have no control over how quickly that re-indexing takes place. You may wish to request that those search engines remove the outdated results.



FCRA Notice

We are not a "consumer reporting agency" as defined by the FCRA, as we do not provide any data for use in credit, insurance, or employment screening. We explicitly prohibit the use of our service and the data it supplies for such purposes.