Eritrea Country Code +291

+291 Country Calling Code
ER 2 Digit ISO
ERI 3 Digit ISO

About Eritrea

Eritrea is located on the continent of Africa. Its capital is Asmara. Citizens of Eritrea use the Nakfa as their currency. Eritrea is located in the Africa/Asmara time zone. Residents mostly speak Tigrinya (official), Arabic (official), English (official), Tigre, Kunama, Afar, other Cushitic languages. Eritrea's GDP is 3,438,000,000. In addition, the land area of Eritrea totals 121,320 km2.

The phone code prefix for Eritrea is 291. There are also 701 internet hosts in the country. Approximately 200,000 internet users reside in Eritrea. Eritrea phone lines include 305,300 mobile phones. There are 60,000 landline phones in Eritrea as well.

Eritrea has 2 telecom operators which are: EriTel, Telesonra.

Eritrea Area Codes

State:Area Codes:
Eritrea 1