Belize Country Code +501

+501 Country Calling Code
BZ 2 Digit ISO
BLZ 3 Digit ISO

About Belize

Belize is located on the continent of North America. Its capital is Belmopan. Citizens of Belize use the Dollar as their currency. Belize is located in the America/Belize time zone. Residents mostly speak Spanish 46%, Creole 32.9%, Mayan dialects 8.9%, English 3.9% (official), Garifuna 3.4% (Carib), German 3.3%, other 1.4%, unknown 0.2% (2000 census). Belize's GDP is 1,637,000,000. In addition, the land area of Belize totals 22,966 km2.

The phone code prefix for Belize is 501. There are also 3,392 internet hosts in the country. Approximately 36,000 internet users reside in Belize. Belize phone lines include 164,200 mobile phones. There are 25,400 landline phones in Belize as well.

Belize has 2 telecom operators which are: Belize Telemedia, Speednet Communications Limited.

Belize National Codes

National:Dial Codes:
Belize Toll Free +501-001

Belize Area Codes

State:Area Codes:
Belize District 2
Cayo District 8
Corozal District 4
Orange Walk District 3
Stann Creek District 5
Toledo District 7