Angola Country Code +244

+244 Country Calling Code
AO 2 Digit ISO
AGO 3 Digit ISO

About Angola

Angola is located on the continent of Africa. Its capital is Luanda. Citizens of Angola use the Kwanza as their currency. Angola is located in the Africa/Luanda time zone. Residents mostly speak Portuguese (official), Bantu and other African languages. Angola's GDP is 124,000,000,000. In addition, the land area of Angola totals 1,246,700 km2.

The phone code prefix for Angola is 244. There are also 20,703 internet hosts in the country. Approximately 606,700 internet users reside in Angola. Angola phone lines include 9,800,000 mobile phones. There are 303,000 landline phones in Angola as well.

Angola has 5 telecom operators which are: Angola Telecom, MovelSIM, Movicel, MSTelcom, Unitel.

Angola Area Codes

State:Area Codes:
Bengo 234
Benguela 272
Bie 248
Cabinda 231
Cunene 265
Huambo 241
Huila 261
Kuando Kubango 249
Kwanza Norte 235
Kwanza Sul 236
Luanda 22
Lunda Norte 252
Lunda Sul 253
Malanje 251
Moxico 254
Namibe 264
Uige 233
Zaire 232